Where does it say?

One of the most fascinating yet ridiculous opinions that I find online and inworld came over to ‘visit’ at my corner of sanity today.  I frequently get trolled, and while this may not even strike you as a trolling, it sure did me.  It’s not the trolling I find interesting, but the backlash received when they get their hands smacked.

Anyone who has ran a BBS, a forum, a club or a sim can tell you that the people who yell the loudest are the ones who break rules and got booted or banned for doing so.  What I mean is, even the most innocuous visitor can turn downright viscious in three seconds flat when told they can’t come back anymore for any reason.  When you set out to govern something, you become a target for criticism and attention seeking troublemakers.  I’ve mentioned this here before.

What becomes fascinating, (for me anyways) about it is how they never seem to understand that they’ve done something WRONG, and furthermore, it’s somehow my fault that I’m defending my right to reject them from being around me or a part of my group.  If someone disagrees with me politely, it can spark an interesting debate.  If someone tells me that I’m wrong and proceeds to spout false information for the sake of trying to defile, embarrass or just simply argue– I don’t give it another thought when I send them hurtling off of my sim.

Today I was trolled in group chat about the Magic Ring system not being brand new.   I never said that the Magic Ring system was totally brand new.  I said that there’s a cool new function of it, which is to interact with petite clothing layers.  The person who said this was someone who used to come to the sim but was never an active participant.  In fact, they were offered a paying opportunity to offer couples dances at two special birthday parties last year and directed not to flirt or offer sexual favors in any way shape or form.  They were also told that they were not there to ‘hook up’ or focus their dancing with only one person.  This person came over and did exactly those things, and didn’t bother to offer to dance with anyone but their very own female friend until I asked them to dance with someone else.  This person is NOT what ShrinkyDinks is about, they are NOT a part of the community, and they are NOT who I spend my resources trying to entertain and befriend.  There was nothing friendly in what they said, this was not an open discussion forum on the validity of me supporting the Magic Ring.  They weren’t asking for more info on it, but rather, blatantly trying to troll.  It failed miserably btw, because no one paid any attention to what he said besides me.

After defending what I had said about the Magic Ring to my group to this person, I got a nasty response.  I ejected and banned them, and wiped my hands clean of the matter.  If they don’t think that it’s something new and cool, far be it from me to educate them right?  What was the point in even stating that it’s not totally new, it’s not like I’m selling the darn thing and it certainly doesn’t hurt this guy.  Anyone can use it from a design stand point, including my best friend Sifra of Sister Fate who wants to learn more about it or my worst enemy who also makes clothes for petites!  I’m supporting the concept, for the users, and I could give two sh*ts less *who* makes money from their increased clothing sales from using such a great tool as the Magic Ring.  If creators “win”, the economy “wins”, and so do the residents! There’s always some nay-sayer, someone raining on your parade in SL, some troll who’s obviously out from under their bridge of choice.  It just so happens that this particular troll is from a well known ‘bridge of choice’ that recently closed down.  Maybe he just needs to get a new bridge… but it’s not going to be mine.

To me it’s downright clear why I’m excited about the rings… and also why I am happy to filter out the idiots from ShrinkyDinks who have nothing better than to say than something negative on a topic they obviously know nothing about.  Where does it say that I have to let in all the trolls and let them have their say just because it’s a group?  This is my shared kingdom and fantasy land, this is Oz, this is Wonderland meets Never-never Land, but more importantly, I am paying and responsible for it!  If I want it to be peaceful, which means treating me AND my members with the utmost respect, isn’t that a GOOD thing????  This isn’t your personal ad space or soapbox or public forum…and I have absolutely no desire to give anyone free reign when they abuse it as this person did today.  It was ok in his eyes to disagree with me, and disrespect me, but he thought it crazy to draw a line in the sand and say, “you’re done here.”

Many people (who don’t like me) have said that it’s wrong of me to kick out people that I don’t like.  They’ve suggested that I have to tolerate anything and everything for the sake of the group.  They’re under the delusion that I kick people out for being purple or tall, disagreeing with me or not doing the Futterwacken.  Meanwhile, I’m running around saying to every stranger I meet, come and let me share something cool with you!  Sometimes they do come, and they do Futterwacken.  Sometimes the come, and they want to wack their futter, which is something else entirely!  I hope that you see both the hilarity and the irony in this post.  The jerks think I’m a jerk, for telling them, not to jerk, or be one.  They would also no doubt be the most voracious complainer if anyone griefed an event or rained on their attention parade.  You don’t have to like me, small avs, dancing, being smart and silly, or know how to Futterwacken to be a Dink but I’ll be damned if you’re going to be rude to me or anyone else on my dime.

The definition of tyrant states that the unrestrained ruler exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally, a usurper of sovereignty.  To usurp is to exercise authority or possession wrongfully.  What I am is the sponsor, the remunerator, the conservator, caretaker, entertainer who just kicked your sorry troll ass.  May you someday have the balls to run a group where intelligence and courtesy reign supreme and interesting information gets shared.  ~THE GREAT OZ HAS SPOKEN!