…and a hunting we shall go!

Starting tomorrow, you will be able to see all 20 gifts and know which hint corresponds with which gift.

I will not be posting slurls (landmarks) to each individual gift, however.

This is so that you do a tiny bit of work, which boils down to teleporting to our first gift at the landing point (available Sept. 1) and follow the LM that is inside it, and then inside the next gift, and all of the other gifts.  Incredibly easy if you think about it.  I hope that you enjoy doing a bit of exploring in this relaxed and unique atmosphere without the interruptions found in a typical store/mall.

There are 20 buttons hidden on the sim each containing your LM and hint to the next one, after midnight SLT tonight.

Teleporters are provided for the 2 main areas of the sim where the hunt takes place in *addition* to the LM’s in the gifts.

Each gift will give you it’s contents so that you don’t have to unbox anything in order to get the next LM. (but you can open your gifts at home later, because those ARE boxed)

The final touches to the blog will be made in the wee hours of the night, so that everything will be here Sept. 1st, tomorrow, for your convenience 🙂