Welcome to our new blog!

I wanted to take a moment to thank Shiloh for creating our new blog and give our readers a brief intro to what it is that we do.  Please pardon my incredibly boring title XD.

Of course if you’ve found this, you’re probably already familiar with Second L* the metaverse, and you’re probably also pretty familiar with the term petites.  If not, petites are a newish form of mesh avatar that allows us to be much smaller than any other miniature av’s in the history of the game without crushing the body in such a way that animations are extremely distorted. From a technical aspect, it’s a great achievement, and from an artistic standpoint, they allow for much higher levels of detail than previously.

What is ShrinkyDink’s? In a nutshell, it’s a location inworld, that has many different places or “builds” that are devoted to these petite avatars for communal living and play.  We currently  have such places as:

The Back Yard- a Greenies inspired yard, that is large enough to make any avatar feel small- and one with nature.  This is thought of as the home of the ‘Dinks’ which are simply any of our ranks.  We use this space for hanging out and generalized non-combative RP. When a ‘Biggie’ or normal sized avatar enters the space amongst us petites, we reserve the right (from a roleplay perspective) to protect ourselves and some biggies may find it fun to go along with being an enemy initially.  If you’ve ever seen the Borrowers, we also use that as inspiration, which I’ll describe moreso later 🙂 Inside this location you’ll find gateways via teleporters or otherwise to our other locations.  The closest and easiest to find is our Rabbit Hole which is an Alice in Wonderland themed ‘clubhouse’ of sorts, featuring Greedy, Monday night dances, petite animations/furniture/decor.  To get there, find the White Rabbit, and venture into the stump.

Dragon Sky Weyr- we are currently developing combative and social RP based on the writings of both Anne and Todd McCaffrey about the dragons of Pern.  At this location you’ll find a smaller scaled landscape as opposed to the back yard, with all sorts of dragons, fire lizards, eggs, hatching grounds, tunnels, caverns, caves and a few stores.  If you’re interested in this RP you should contact any of our group’s officers for more info (as well as more info will be posted to this blog). Solarium (and inworld weaponry store) offers our Battle Dragons made for petites, which we use as both mounts, pets, and flamethrowers against the falling Thread that we exclusively feature that interacts with Spellfire.  We are looking for 6pm Rp’ers and moderators (paid)!~~contact Sifra Ceawlin.

Residential Rentals- at the ground level of our sim you will find several mini-islands we call our Petite Isles, which are available for rent at the low rate of only 2L per prim per week.  Subversive Vavoom will happily show you around, or you can follow the teleporters marked Land Rentals, and even rez a free petite sized sail boat that works anywhere in our waters courtesy of our friend Rose.

Drive-In Movies- one of our newest locations is our petite and biggie friendly drive-in, that’s set amongst the western backdrop of sweeping skies and mountains where you can watch a movie in our hot rods every Saturday night at 6pm SLT.  Coming this week, wear or rez your horse and ride an almost sim-wide long trail! Tiny cars, chairs, and free concessions for all!

Special Event Builds- on Thursday nights we feature a new theme weekly (at what will now be 6pm) for our dance, located in a ‘one night only’ structure that’s custom made for the event!  This has ranged from our recent disco night (Studio 0.54 Petites) to an underwater Jules Verne style sub, to Tron, to the Batcave.  We have an enormous amount of fun every Thursday, so we’ve decided to make our events start at 6pm to catch the west coast crowd, too.  DJ Strider provides the themed tunes!

In the coming week, we’ll be introducing a new Sci-Fi Friday build featuring hardstyle by DJ Strider that is more of an industrial feel meets the big house at 7pm SLT… You’ll see 😉


aka Subversive Vavoom